Mr. G Ngatia


Mr. Ngatia gives strategic direction to the charity and develops local and international programmes with charitable aims. He also specialises in establishing and providing community based healthcare projects both locally and internationally

Ms. Beth Kamau

Vice Chairman

Beth is a nurse by profession and a trained counsellor with decades of experience working with young people and adults in the UK and Kenya. She has been a champion of youth affairs and has played a pivotal role in facilitating various youth activities within KCA such as the girls dance group, Vijana football club and strengthening families workshops.

Mrs. Mary Ogendo

Treasurer/Women’s Representative

Mrs Ogendo is an expert in healthcare systems. She is a committed campaigner for women’s rights and health amongst other things.

Mr. Baiba Dhidha Mjidho


Mr Mjidho has played a key role in the rejuvenation of KCA, helping to make our presence known in the UK and beyond, and introducing us to the Barka Foundation in Poland, which allowed a number of people in Liverpool’s Kenyan community to experience what Poland has to offer.